Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Short Adventure Trip Yesterday


Kiansom Waterfall

Me and my friend were having afternoon tea when we decided to go for a short shoot out trip.  1st location was Kiansom Waterfall.  Was planning to climb up the hill to get the biggest waterfall, but I failed (my friend did manage to go all the way up).  I didn’t manage to take any pictures due to most of the time I was stucked on the hill slope…duh!  We headed to the wrong path which lead us to the extreme steep hill slope, it’s almost vertical and not to mention the path is muddy and slippery due to the early rain.  Some rocks and exposed tree roots were the only thing I can hold.  Hell, we were joking that we nearly need to call a rescue team…haha.

Anyway, after all the troubles, we were lucky to reach the ground safely.  Moral of the story: “Be fully prepared before going into the bush, even though you have been there before.”.

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Kasih Sayang Resort

After we had a short rest and chit chatting with the local villagers, we drove off to an unknown drive path (at least to us), which we were told it’ll lead us to a small resort, located high up on the mountain – Kasih Sayang Resort.   There are several flat platforms beside the main road on the mountain.  The weather was not good, it’s raining, but the view is spectacular.  This was shot before we reached the resort.


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Nah, I forgot to take some pictures of the resort (too tired).  This is the open air section of the small restaurant at the resort – Cloud 9 Restaurant.  It’s like dining on the sky.  However, the food sucks big time (I rarely complain about food), and it’s expensive too!  At least to my so-called grilled chicken chop.  Not to mention it took the chef more than an hour to get it done…for a grilled chicken chop?  WTF??!!   Lets hope they can do better next time.  I was telling my friend that it’ll be nice to bring our lady for a dinner at this place…but that plan is a big NO after what I’ve experienced. 

Apart from that, having some coffee while enjoying the view and breeze can be an ultimate relaxation.


This was the 1st time we actually saw our city at night from this height. It’s simply breathtaking.  Only that the weather didn’t play the good part, heavy rain and very foggy.  Otherwise I’m sure the night city view will be even more spectacular.


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I bet not many people in town know there is actually a resort on the mountain near the city (very near indeed).   Now that we have known the way to go up, we have planned to visit this place again.  After all, it’s only a short drive away from where me and my friend are staying, especially if we take the shortcut.  Definitely not for an overnight, UNLESS, you are into macro photography as there will be lots and lots of flying insects visiting the place when night falls.

The location?  It’s on the Crocker Range (the whole Kiansom is located at the bottom, as well as Menggatal)!  Google it, and you will be able to find your way up here.  It’s simply the nearest natural retreat away from the busy city, and at 2400ft above sea level, the air and breeze is real cool and nice.  Just forget about the food...


  1. Great one! That's what I mentioned to AHFUI about the outdoor gear. You guys need those before hiking. Hahaha.

  2. Definitely, never try never know eh. Hehe.