Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lightning – Lok Kawi Beach

Saw some flashes in the sky last night while I was having my dinner at a coffee shop.  So after dinner, I went home to take my camera and drove to the spot where I can get a clearer picture.  Lok Kawi Beach was the place, cloud was concentrated and heavy above the sea, and lightning was flashing behind the cloud.  So parked my car, and setting up the tripod.  As soon as I was going to mount my camera, I realised that I left the tripod base plate at home…DUH! 

No tripod mount, means no remote shutter release, and it also means no long exposure from the usual way.  So what I did, hand pressed camera on the tripod head, breath in, and press the shutter, on bulb mode, for as long as I can hold my breath.  Some shots turned out quite nice.  Lucky me!  However, I missed out quite a lot of big bolts. 

Thanks my cousin for stopping by too.  Informed him when I reached the place and saw the beautiful bolts.

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CSC_0035 DSC_0025




  1. What a stupendous photos! Wonderful!