Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Macro – 1st Trial

After been reading on several photography forums about DIY macro, I did my 1st trial just now.  Just some simple setup, not the perfect one, but it was real fun.

For the DIY way, most of the forumers do it with reverse lens adapter ring, step up/down ring, some lens cap cutting works… However, since I don’t have all those rings and stuff, so that setup is definitely not for me.  Kept searching on the Internet, and I came across one which sounds good - stack two lenses together. 

So, pulled out my gears, fit the 55-200mm to the D90, and an old 50mm prime lens reversed stacked at the front (as the magnifier). The camera was on tripod with remote shutter control except the 50mm lens was hand held due to I don’t have any adapter ring to reverse-mount it to the 55-200mm zoom lens.  Although tired, it was a real fun!

For those who wants to give it a try, just make sure you handle your lens properly or else you might scratch the glass.

---------- ---------- ----------

1st test subject - Malaysia 10 cent coin.  There is a congkak at the back of the coin, and there are seeds in the congkak store.  Ever wonder how many seeds?  Now you can count.

1/15, f4.5, ISO-800, 102mm, no flash, no additional lighting. Cropped at 33%.


---------- ---------- ----------

2nd test subject – dried chilli.  The solid black corners were caused by the shorter focal length.  Those white dots are dusts on the chilli.

1/13, f4.5, ISO-800, 82mm, no flash, with additional lighting.  No cropping.


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