Thursday, September 9, 2010

Macro & Close Up – Part 3


DSC_0003 Ladybird


DSC_0008The ant looks sharper this time, thanks for no wind. :)


DSC_0010Little green green grasshopper.


  1. Impactan los ojos de las dos ultimas fotos! impresionante la nitidez!

  2. Wow...I love your macros. I'm dreaming of a macro lens for my Nikon....Wonderful, really! The grasshopper is my fav. I love grashoppers. I had one in my bathroom some weeks ago and photographed it sitting next to my that point I started browsing the internet for a macro lens...

  3. Thanks, Noemi. :)

    Thanks Joe. I'm planning to get a proper macro lens too. A Sigma 150mm is on my shopping list. Tamron 90mm is pretty good consider the performance and price ratio but I believe the 150mm will allow me to shoot from a little bit more distance away. Good for those sensitive bugs. :)