Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dusk – Sutera Harbour Resort

After the trip to Kiansom waterfall yesterday afternoon, not long after I reached home, a friend from Tenom called up.  He was in KK for some works, and ready for some photo shooting too.  So had a shower and packed up, off we went to Sutera Harbour Resort for some sunset shoot out.  It was our 1st time there to catch the sunset too.  The view is breathtaking.

Perhaps I was too tired due to the hiking trip in the afternoon, not enough rest in between, I had a hard time to concentrate.  The place is quite large and beautiful, and it’s full of photo composition opportunity especially for sunset photography…and we missed out quite a lot too.  Not very satisfy with the result this time, but at least now I know where to shoot sunset other than at Tanjung Aru.  2nd trip is definitely under planning.

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