Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Macro & Close Up – Part 2

The fun at my backyard continues on yesterday evening.  There are quite a lot of this species of spider at my backyard.  Normally when I see it, it's hanging below leave.  So yesterday I tried to make it run to the top of the leave so that I can have enough light on it, and it’s much more easier to shoot too.  Those legs do look creepy though. 



---------- ---------- ----------

DSC_0018 I used the pop up flash to shoot this, and the fly became bling.

---------- ---------- ----------

DSC_0020 Ants wrestling.  No, I didn’t watch till the end to see who’s the winner.

--------- ---------- ----------

DSC_0039 This spider is very tiny, probably only about 3-4mm.  Now I know it has got spikes on its legs too. 

---------- ---------- ----------

Equipment Used

Camera:  Nikon D5000

Lens: AF-S Nikkor 55-200mm 4-5.6G ED VR + Marumi DHG Achromat Macro-200 (+5)

Others:  Tripod, Remote Shutter Release


  1. The photos are spectacular, but what kind of insect you have in the first and second pictures? I've never seen anything like it!


  2. Thanks, teca. It is one kind of spider. :)