Monday, July 18, 2011

A Beauty Contest

There was a beauty contest held in one of the dance clubs last night in our town.  It’s the final round, and my wife bought me some tickets (extra for lucky draw).  So I thought it’s a good time to go out and catch some beautiful sight.  It’s not a big event, but it’s definitely fun.


A simple stage.



The judges are true beauty too. Smile




We also had shemale show!  They picked some “lucky” guests and made fun out of them.  It was crazy and hilarious!



Some contestants in different outfits, including my lovely wife in the last picture (that’s the reason she wanted me to go, she got into the final round). Open-mouthed smile




Winners in different categories.  And, my wife got the champion!  Congratulation to her!



My wife with her sisters, brothers, friends, and also…the shemale. Open-mouthed smile

It’s Been Quite A While…

Wow…just realized that my last photo post was on January.  Oh well, been busy with some little things here and there, been back to PC gaming for a few months, got myself some PC stuffs (yea, that’s the main things that kept me busy all these while).  My previous rig served me for about 4-year+,  so I think it’s about the right time I get some upgrades.

Yea, this is the 1st time I go custom water cooling setup and it’s just perfect for our hot weather.  Some simple pictures. 

DSC_0135 DSC_0138

i141 0147



Excuse of my messy home office…lol.